This guy Acts!

This is the official website of New York City based actor, Joshua Michael Payne!

I'm Josh and I get excited easily.  Thanks for visiting my website!  I'm an actor who also directs/writes/edits/plays amateur ping-pong/eats bagels.

Please watch my Reel, view my resume, or do anything and everything that would convince you, internet-person of importance, that I am in fact exactly the man you've been searching for.  Forgive the amount of forward slashes that have been used already on this home page.  There may or may not be many more throughout the website.


"Joshua Michael Payne (John Stanton) executes Kirchner's parallel between the father and son effortlessly."
- Paul Notice, 

"Joshua Michael Payne [has a performance] that is credible and accomplished"
- Andrew Buckner


Working Productions

"Elegante... A Mostly True Story"

So hey, check this out.

I've officially booked the role of "Barry" in the upcoming play, "Elegante... A mostly true story"!

Barry is a warm guy who works at Elegante as a server/bartender; the kind of guy you can't help but like even though you know he's a bit of a dirt-bag. A lovable dirt-bag.

The play is currently slated to run Sept 15-Sept 25, 2016

"ProDucks Media" (ongoing)

ProDucks Media is the name of the Production Company that I founded alongside my two great friends and colleagues, Tyler McElroy and Elisha Lawson.

ProDucks Media produces largely comedic sketch videos, but will occasionally produce short films, dramas, feature film, plays, etc.

ProDucks Youtube channel can be found on Youtube at:

Upcoming Releases

"Wild Men"
I am ridiculously excited to announce that I have been cast as a supporting role in the upcoming Feature Film, "Wild Men".  

I play Billy, a 22 year old recent graduate in anthropology who manages to find a job as a production assistant on the set of a reality TV show.  This TV show, called "Wild Men" hunts down the ever-elusive create known as Sasquatch.  Billy and the rest of the gang are in for a lot more than they bargained for.

We began production on October 1, 2014 along the Delaware River, and wrapped on October 12.

Festival Premiere is slated for sometime in 2016

"Six Windows"

I am super excited to announce that I've been cast in the upcoming webseries "Six Windows"!  It follows a snippet in the lives of six totally unique New Yorkers as they fight through the daily struggles of being human in the city that never sleeps.

I'm playing Rob, a down to earth college student and NYU who is welcoming of others yet chooses to avoid being the center of attention.

The series is planning on a public release later on in 2016.

"Dirty Clothes"

Check it!  I've been cast in a dramatic short film entitled "Dirty Clothes" directed by Retsu Motoyoshi.

I play Bradley, a 25 year old man who is escaping a natural disaster with his new wife, Lisa.  

Amidst the incredible circumstances that surround them, the true story is within the relationship between the newlyweds.  Will their relationship stand up to the immense stress of a natural disaster?

The film is scheduled for release in 2016

"Rod and Staff"

Way jazzed to have been selected to officially portray "Pitch Black" in the upcoming TV Pilot, Rod and Staff!

Pitch is a member of the "BlacK" family; the family who runs the financialy orders of a church in smalltown Pennsylvania.  That said, he doesn't exactly "conform" to his family's wishes.  He's a bit of a black sheep and spends more time at the track than with his family.

The Pilot is planning a release for 2016.

"#Anatomy of the Romantic Comedy"

I wrote this!  I'm extremely excited to have written the short film, #Anatomy of the Romantic Comedy!  

#AotRC follow Noah through his typical romantic comedy scenario.  It's typical.  I mean really typical.  

I'm excited to be playing Noah!  The film is being directed by my good friend at ProDucks Media, Tyler McElroy

The films shot July 23 - July 26, 2015 and is planning for a 2016 release.