Talking About Myself

I'm gonna save you the struggles of reading a third-person biography, and instead give you the joy of reading a first person biography.  Yay!

I was born in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania to my parents Kevin Payne and Brenda Newhart.  I have two sisters, Lauren Payne Llewelyn and Micaela Payne.  Yup, I was/am the middle child.

I graduated from Lake-Lehman High School in 2011.  If you didn't already know (which you didn't) it's a school of approx 14 total students.  More like 1,000.  But it felt like 14.  I performed from a young age in local stage productions as well as with my church.  I got an opportunity to perform at a nationwide level for the first time in 2008 with the Assemblies of God Fine Arts Program and again in 2010 where I placed 7th overall in the nation out of 10,000+ young actors.  Well snap crackle pop.

After graduating High School I auditioned for and attended the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts in New York, NY.  It's a selective program and it made me feel like I might actually know what I'm doing (but probably not).  I succesfully completed the intensive program in Spring of 2013.

Since graduation I've been on the prowl for steady acting work.  I starred in the short film, Superhuman (dir. Andrew Weir) before directing and starring in my own short Film, Speechless.  I co-directed the film Just in Case with Erin Maloney in 2015, and have been lucky to book consistant film/television work ever since, as well as the occasional theatrical stint.

Just for reading this page it means you've invested time into my career. I appreciate the support more than I can say and hope you watch out for my work in the coming future.

I love you!
-Joshua Michael Payne

"If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door" -Milton Berle